Silver Jewellery 

Silver jewellery makes such a lovely keepsake as it's something that you can keep with you and wear everyday. There's no limit on design possibilities with as each piece is individually handcrafted and finished to a high shine. Whatever the age a handprint, footprint, paw print, fingerprint or drawing can all be put onto the shape and style of your choice. Each piece can be individually customised with names, dates or handwriting from a loved one. 
We use fine silver to produce all our items, this means that it is 99.9% pure silver. 
As a starter kit can be posted, for you to take the hand/footprints or fingerprints and return them, so you don’t have to be local to Milton Keynes to make your beautiful jewellery. If you have an item of artwork then a copy can be emailed or posted. 


Fingerprint Jewellery 

Small Charm (1 print) 
Medium Charm (1-2 prints + name) 
Large Charm (2 prints + name) 


A variety of bracelets are available 
From £75 

Hand and Footprint Jewellery 

Small Charm (1 print) 
Medium Charm (1-2 prints + name) 
Large Charm (2-3 prints) 
X Large Charm (3 prints) 

Earrings Studs 





Single medium charm fingerprint necklace 
Single medium charm hand/footprint necklace 
Double Stacking fingerprint necklace- Small and medium 
Double Stacking handprint/footprint necklace- Small and medium 


Charm carrier 
Lobster clasp 

Caring for your silver jewellery 

As all of our jewellery is made with 99.9% fine silver, unfortunately it can tarnish. Silver tarnishes when it reacts with the air. Regular wear can prevent this, but for items such as cufflinks that aren't worn daily, it can be common. 
After care 
Contact with wool, rubber, latex, paint and some foods are known to cause silver to tarnish. Regular wear in the shower can also cause it. 
We highly recommend that you don't wear and silver swimming as chlorine is known to discolour and damage silver. 
Try to avoid spraying your jewellery with perfume or aftershave. 
You should always remove your jewellery before using any cleaning products especially those containing bleach as they can damage or mark the jewellery. 
Also try to avoid soap as this can turn the jewellery dull. 
Preventing Tarnish and Cleaning 
Silver jewellery should be regularly cleaned with an anti-tarnish polish cloth specially designed for silver jewellery. 
When the jewellery is stored away we highly recommend wrapping it in an anti-tarnish cloth after a gentle polish. 
Silver cleaner is recommended for chains, but will remove the darkened parts of prints on charms. 
" We use fine silver to produce all our items, 
this means that it is 99.9% pure silver " 
If there is a product you would like but cannot see, please contact us here 
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